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Mini MOT in Oldham

Mini MOT in Oldham Mini MOT in Oldham is a specialised service provided by North West Bloor Motors. We are MOT V.O.S.A. approved, which gives us the exclusive authority to MOT any vehicle, whether car or van. Our accreditation and training to conduct the MOT set us apart from other service garages in the North West.  With nine service bays equipped with the latest technology and specialised computer systems, we have access to a large network of dealers and the best technology for all cars, especially German cars. We offer repair services that can include work on the body of the vehicle, air conditioning, rebuilding of engine, and servicing or replacing of clutches, tyres, brakes and electrical parts. For both Non-German and German vehicles we provide full diagnostics, usually available only with dealers. They include technical data, wiring for all brands including the Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mini Skoda and the VW Volkswagen. We use car diagnostic software to ascertain problems.

For motorists in Oldham mini MOT service by our team from North West Bloor  Motors is an initiative started to provide a painless and convenient testing experience for clients so that the whole process is effortless. Our expertise and experience ensure that we assess carefully and give you the right estimates for repairs and kinds of services that your vehicle needs. Our Mini and Cheap MOT testing allows you to rest easy without the worry of fines or vehicles not being passed at the MOTs. Our test centres are worth going to for their convenience and competitive pricing.

Mini MOT in Oldham and nearby areas is possible because of us! As an independent automobile servicing garage that offers bespoke services, we have over twenty years of experience and we can handle it all. We undertake repairs of all brands of vehicles. Since we are not exclusively associated with any particular manufacturer, we can offer very attractively priced service, repair and maintenance packages. Our reputation, experience and expertise have earned the trust of reputed brands. To find out more about how we can assist you with a Mini MOT, contact us today. We have a genuine manufacturer’s parts-through-specialist advantage, creating great customer satisfaction and a highly reputed name in the market!