Mini Specialist in Rochdale

Mini Specialist in RochdaleIf you are searching for a Mini specialist in Rochdale, we would be pleased to assist.  We offer service and repairs for Mini vehicles and our highly trained specialist technicians will make sure that your car has the most efficient service possible.  Our expertly trained service technician will ascertain the service due for your vehicle and using genuine parts will service your car. To get the electronics and an onboard computer running the car as efficiently as possible, they will connect the car to the diagnostics machines which will recalibrate the electronic systems and will let them know if there is a potentially faulty part in any of the systems.  After consulting you they will attempt to repair the item, but as most of the parts are sealed units and cannot be fixed they may have to replace the part.

If you drive an iconic British vehicle our garage can take care of your vehicle. In Rochdale, Mini specialist and MOT garage can save you a large amount on your service. No longer do you have to take your car to a registered dealer with their pricy service and repairs we are qualified to complete your service book to guarantee the warranty.  We have all the necessary tooling and software to competently service, repair and maintain your Mini. The only time you will need to take your car to the dealership is for warranty work.

Our garage is a Mini specialist in Rochdale and also offers a range of other services. Contact North West Bloor Motors today to book your vehicle in for a service or repair. We can check your clutch and replace worn parts which must be done periodically.  Brakes need routine checks and replacement of worn parts. Tyres should be regularly checked and replaced when necessary and winter tyres should be fitted to your car at the beginning of winter as they have special treads which fling out the snow and allow them to grip far better in the cold, wet and snow preventing a lot of slipping and aiding in bringing the car to a safe stop. Batteries and exhausts are also checked and replaced as and when needed. We offer a full service to keep your car safely on the road.