Mini Remapping in Leigh

Mini Remapping in LeighIf you want better performance from your vehicle then Mini remapping in Leigh can reprogram your Engine Control Unit (ECU) to deliver the desired improvement. This is an option you could look at for improving the performance of your car. Most modern cars have an engine control unit or ECU which is a computer that controls the running of the car engine.  The manufacturer sends the cars to their dealers with a standard setting which is suitable for cars around the world.  This takes into account different climates and road conditions and is not necessarily the optimum setting for your car. New software can be programmed into your car’s ECU which overwrites the factory software and installs a program that will enhance the engine performance of your vehicle.

You should notice an immediate improvement in the performance of your car once we have finished with the reprogramming. In Leigh, Mini remapping can make a huge difference to your vehicle in terms of upgrading the fuel efficiency and power of your car. The remapping entails the modification of the manufacturers’ default software on your vehicles ECU. It overwrites the software so that the ECU can then be programmed to optimise the cars overall performance. Providing you drive in a responsible manner and don’t have a heavy foot on the accelerator you should use less fuel.  You will also find that the car has more torque which means that you don’t need to change down the gears to go up a hill or in traffic.

We have all the specialist equipment necessary for Mini remapping in Leigh. Our machines are of the latest manufacture and are ideal for all makes of cars. Contact North West Bloor Motors as soon as possible to book your vehicle in for a service. We cater for services, repairs and MOT’s for many different types of cars. Over the years we have gained specialist knowledge and we feel our bespoke service is second to none. Our prices are amazingly low compared with the main dealers and we can offer a personal touch as we are an independent garage. We can look after your vehicle no matter the age or your budget constraints.