D P F Removal Performance Tuning in Bolton

D P F Removal Performance Tuning in BoltonDoes your vehicle require d p f removal performance in Bolton? A diesel particulate filter or dpf is a tool that is fitted onto exhaust systems of current diesel vehicles. Commissioned by European Emission Standards, it is intended to reduce emissions. This is achieved by trapping soot or particulate matter that exits from the exhaust while enabling gasses to flow freely through the system. This particulate filter must be cleaned on a regular basis in order for it to function optimally. Cleaning involves a procedure called regeneration. This involves the use of a catalyst function and burning off the soot at high temperatures, leaving an ash residue with the filter. Regeneration should occur automatically and is visible when a blast of white smoke exits from the exhaust. When regeneration does not occur properly, it affects fuel economy and performance. When left completely unattended, it leads to a blocked dpf, eventually causing expensive damage to your engine’s components. To prevent this dangerous situation from occurring, you must take your vehicle in to a reputable garage.

In Bolton, d p f removal performance tuning is expertly handled by North West Bloor Motors. Using their DPF removal software, they will reprogram your engine management system in order to disable the filter. This will prevent the warning lights from coming on in your dashboard. This new software will improve the efficiency of your engine management system. It will help to keep your exhaust system in a free-flowing condition, delivering more power, improved fuel consumption and no d pf issues whatsoever.

D p f removal performance tuning in Bolton may be required if you are experiencing issues with your fuel economy or performance. North West Bloor Motors can assist you with this issue and help your vehicle become safe and functional again. North West Bloor Motors has more than twenty years of experience in dealing with diesel engines. They are also one of the few garages that are German car specialists. Apart from repairing d p f systems, they also specialise in MOTs, diagnostics, servicing and repairs of all German makes and models. Contact North West Bloor Motors for d p f removal performance tuning.