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Audi Remapping in Leyland

Audi Remapping in LeylandIf you want better performance or fuel efficiency Audi remapping in Leyland can reprogram your Engine Control Unit (ECU) to deliver the desired improvement. This is an easy and reasonably priced option to get the best out of your car. You need however to take the vehicle to a reputable garage to have this done. An inexperienced or unprofessional remapping could cause the engine to suffer damage. We have the expertise and tools necessary to have your Audi running at peak performance. We will make sure to reset the engine within the rules and regulations of the UK taking into account the limits on the emissions.

Modern vehicle manufacturers sell their cars all over the world and rules and regulations differ from country to country. The vehicles are therefore set to a minimum standard to meet all requirements. In Leyland, Audi remapping can make a huge difference to your vehicle in terms of upgrading the fuel efficiency and power of your car. The remapping entails the modification of the manufacturers default software on your vehicles ECU. It overwrites the software so that the ECU can them be programmed to optimise the cars overall performance. This works because the ECU controls your car’s engine and limits various functions that can enhance the performance of the engine.

Audi Remapping in Leyland can be carried out in our workshop. Contact North West Bloor Motors today and find out how we can improve your vehicles performance. We have been established as one of the leading independent German car specialists for almost 20 years.  In this time we have expanded our business to provide superior workmanship with a personal touch. The only difference between us and the main dealership is the price. We use genuine Audi parts, tools and software to ensure your car conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications. This keeps the resale value of your car at the optimum price. We do not only specialise in the Audi range but have the experience and expertise to service and repair all makes of German cars.