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BMW Engine Management Lights in Bolton

BMW Engine Management Lights in BoltonThe problem with BMW engine management lights in Bolton is while it warns you something may be amiss, it gives you not clue what that something is. If the tire pressure lights comes on you check your tyres and if your engine oil light comes on you check you oil. When the engine light comes on you don’t know whether to keep driving as usual, head for the mechanic’s garage or stop and call for a tow. The amber engine light is your car’s computer telling you something is wrong with the engine or some function of the engine. Most of us, when we see that light, can’t even run through a list of possible causes.

As long as the car is running well and there are no unusual noises coming from the engine it’s probably okay to continue driving to a local destination. In Bolton, BMW engine management lights mean you should call us at North West Bloor Motors. Schedule a time to stop by later in the day or the next day so we can connect a tester to your engine and see what code is coming up. The code will tell us what area the trouble spot is in. In the interim if the engine light goes out that is not a sign the problem has resolved itself. Likely it will come on again. If the light is out bring the car in as scheduled because the trouble codes are stored and we can access them.

The most common reasons for illumination of BMW engine management lights in Bolton range from a simple fix like a gas cap replacement to the more complicated blown head gasket. Often the cause is the exhaust system from the catalytic converter to the air flow sensors. Contact Northwest Bloor Motors so we can trace down and repair the cause. A regular maintenance schedule with our BMW certified mechanics serves to lessen the possibility of issues that can trigger the engine warning light to come on. We established our garage in 1996 specialising in BMW. Being independent, we can save you money over dealer costs. Your BMW was not designed and built to run on junk petrol like your lawnmower. Get regular maintenance checks and use a high quality gasoline so your BMW runs trouble free.